Golden Tangie Strains

Top 10 Marijuana Dispensary in Ashburn.

S no. Title Rating
1 Originals Bcn 5.00
2 Highway 33 5.00
3 Asociacion Roots 0.00
4 315 North 4.66
5 Urban Bud 4.52
6 96 West Detroit 4.97
7 Euphorium - Vashon Island 5.00
8 Glacier View Providers 5.00
9 Marie Jeanne Boutique 3.67
10 Mission Organic Center 4.73

Golden Tangie by Calyx Garden is a sativa-dominant strain with tropical terpenes and stimulating effects. It was created by combining Golden Goat and Tangie, forming a pungent and sticky flower that smells of citrus and pine. This strain’s invigorating effects can be immediately felt in the head, neck, and shoulders. Golden Tangie elevates the mood while dissipating stress as its potent euphoria settles into the body. Consumers seeking to overcome fatigue and remain active should consider this sativa. 



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Days To Flower : 0
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